Human World in the Eye of Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor andArchibald Lampman

The paper aims at to prove that how two poets belonging to two different places,
languages have defined their particular societies. The methodology used in this paper is
Comparative one. Under the canvass of comparative literature I have taken the social themes
of the two poets Archibald Lampman and Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor. Archibald Lampman is
a Canadian poet writing in English, while as Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor is a Kashmiri poet
writing in Kashmiri, yet both the poets define man and his position in society. Position of
man as defined by Romantics is discussed in this paper. Most of the poems of Lampman and
Mahjoor are analyzed to discuss the position of man in their respective societies.

Key Words Romanticism, Society, Man, Individual, Self, Humanity, Subjective,
Autobiographical, Vision .Comparative Literature. Comparative Literature is recognized
interdisciplinary discourse has a theoretical basis that makes it possible to undertake
comparative assessment of any two literature of any ages, milues and cultures. Archibald
Lampman and Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor, despite the visible difference of language and
culture, have many things in common to study them under the canvass of comparative
literature. As Henry Remark states that comparative literature should not be regarded as a
discipline on its own but rather as a connecting link between subjects or subject areas. A
comparison thus can be made between two or more different literatures and between
literatures of different languages.

Gazala Gyas

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