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Conifers Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism

An International Peer Reviewed Biannual Journal. It is primarily a poetry journal devoted to the most noble and thought provoking genre of creative writing. Poetry has been at the root of human mind from the times immemorial and has manifested its multiple dimensions via diverse forms of expression. It has been a vehicle to express human emotions and sentiments thereby bridging humanity at large.

Spring 2023 (Vol. 15 No.1)

Some selected Papers from previous Issues

Gender Paradigms: A Post- Feminist Reading of CarylChurchill’s Top Girls

The study focuses on Caryl Churchill’s play Top Girls from a post feminist perspective. The play was a reaction against policies of the first female prime minister of England Ms. Margaret Thatcher. Marlene in the play represents Ms. Margaret Thatcher and she is a great admirer of Thatcherism. The economic policies carried out the first...
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Vedic and Oriental Influences in Ted Hughes’ Poems

The present article aims to explore Ted Hughes‘ interest in Orient and Vedic literature, and how he incorporates their visions in his poetry. The traces of these visions show his concern for culturally deprived science- driven modern western man .His poetic imagination acquires transformational potential with the help of Oriental and Vedic flashes. Without sermonizing,...
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Postmodernism: The Limits of Questioning

For the postmodern thinkers, the change from the Modern to the Postmodern occurssomewhere between 1960 and 1970. This is certainly an obvious historical perspective topresent the postmodern condition. Thus, the postmodern is also a subject to change in theongoing flux of history. The leftist approach looks at the postmodern as a historical condition.It is for...
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The Impossibility of Insular Cultures

The Homo sapiens as you and I represent today, is a young species. We may havesurvived a difficult challenge…that of survival. One reason for this successful survivalagainst all odds of the law of jungle was the social evolution of the human being. Man learntto use coordinated ways of cooperation as modus operandi for long-term continuance....
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Yashpal’s Fiction: A Reflection of his Life as a Social and Political Activist

The arrest of Yashpal brought his revolutionary activism to silence. The zest to do something for the betterment of the society at a micro and of the nation at the macro perspective could no longer be achieved as a revolutionary any more. But those who live with the resolve to serve the nation relentlessly cannot...
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Representation of Women in Shama Futehally’s Tara Lane

Literature as discipline necessarily involves representation, and the twentieth century has witnessed a spurt of new literatures. This new trend questions the elitism and exclusiveness of literature so as to represent the voice of the formerly oppressed ‘Other.’ The inaudible and marginalized voice is brought to the forefront so that the earlier erasure and deliberate...
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Our Publications

“Reclaiming the Past”: Decolonization in the Early Novels of Chinua Achebe and Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

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Interrogating the Meta-narrative of Religion: The FictionalOeuvre of Ngugi wa Thiong’o

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India For Indian Diaspora: ‘My Damned Soil’ , Modern India

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Theorising Selfhood: A Reading of Shashi Deshpande’s

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Dilemma of Immigrants in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss

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The Raj Tales: Colonialism Revisited

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