Conifer Publications is a publishing house in Shimla that interests in publishing literary works, poetry, fiction and educational books. It has also been publishing a literary journal Conifers Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism since 2009.

Editorial Board 

Usha Bande
Former Fellow IIAS, Shimla.

Raghuvanshmani Tripathi
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Namita Sethi
JDM, Delhi University.

Rekha Sharma
Department of English, HPU Shimla. 


Harish K. Thakur
Department of Political Science, HPU Shimla 

Associate Editor 

Ved Mitra Shukla
Rajdhani College, New Delhi.

Executive Editor

Binesh Bhatia
HNB Garhwal Central University, Uttarakhand

Owned and Published by
Conifer Publications
Thakur, Building, New Totu, Shimla-171011

Printed by
Parmod Kumar Thakur
Thakur Printers, New Totu, Shimla-171011

No part of this volume can be reproduced in any manner without the prior permission of editors. We disown the views expressed by authors.

Guidelines for Contributors
Conifers Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism is a refereed half-yearly journal in the field of literature. International in its character, content and scope we welcome original poetry from all over the world. We keep special place for the nature poems. Besides poetry we also welcome critical essays on poetry, fiction and drama. We are also interested in giving space to critical, informative and enlightening essays and interviews of the established poets, writers and emerging voices in the field of literature. Contributors are requested to send one hard and one electronic copy (MS Word) of the submission to Harish K. Thakur, Editor, Conifers Call: Shimla Journal of Poetry and Criticism, Thakur Building, New Totu, Shimla, H.P. 171011. For more information you can visit our website:

Format and References
• The manuscripts should be typed double-spaced.
• The essays and review essays shouldn’t exceed 7000 and 1500 words respectively.
• Please place notes and references at the end of the paper/essay and avoid the option of auto-insert footnotes and endnotes.
• Please give full correspondence address with phone number and email address at the bottom of the first page of the submission.
• Please send two copies of the books for the purpose of review. Send self-addressed envelopes for the return of the submissions, if so desired.
• Give page number at the top right corner. Use italics throughout your essay for the titles of longer works and, only when absolutely necessary, providing emphasis.
• If you have any endnotes, include them on a separate page before Works Cited. Double space between the title and the first line of the text.
• Op. cit., Loc. cit., ibid, are not used within the CC style.
• Conifers Call allows both British and American variations in spellings. However, the authors are directed to consistently follow either of the two throughout.
• Names of the texts in the main body of the manuscript should be italicized and neither underlined nor put within quotation marks. The articles in the manuscript should be put in double quotation marks.
• Hyphenation of words should be consistently maintained throughout the text. Authors are to use a hyphen to maintain the distinction between a noun and an attributive adjective. For instance, ‘the Fifteenth Century’ while used as a noun, but ‘fifteenth-century Shimla’ while used as an adjective.
• For any quotation used in the text in a language other than English, the author is to provide a translation in English which is to follow the quotes immediately within parenthetical brackets before the in-text parenthetical citation of the source material. If the translation is not the author’s own, a citation to the translation should appear as well after the citation of the source material. The citation to the translation is to be separated from the citation of the source material with a ‘;’ and then prefixed by ‘trans.’

Individual Rs. 500/ per annum , (US $ 12)
Institutions Rs. 800/ per annum, (US $ 20)
Life Rs. 8000/

Editorial Address
Harish K. Thakur, Thakur Building, New Totu, Shimla, 171011
Phone: 9418008900