Dilemma of Immigrants in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss

Today we live in a world characterized by global inequality which drives men and women from the soil that gave them birth. Hence, the world is shaping into a global village and diasporic writings have gained momentum. All those writers who have migrated from their homeland, and have settled down in distant corners of the world, most often their works are representative of their own culture. Such diasporic writers usually find themselves in a dilemma with regard to their identity.

The concept of immigration has been associated with those expatriates who have spread all over the world either by force or by choice. It also consists of unwilling diasporic movement of earlier centuries and willing diasporic movements of postcolonial era. The majority of Indian diasporic writers belong to the category of willing diaspora. Anita Desai and her daughter Kiran Desai came under this category. In this age of globalization diaspora has been a subject of global debate which includes mixed identities. Thus it is diasporic literature which reverberates the cultural sensibilities of different people around the world.

Khem Raj Sharma & Ms. Kanu Priya

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