Culture, Language and Globalization

To reconsider globalization and culture at this juncture of history cannot be accomplished
without taking into account the present recession in the world economy. It is difficult to
forget the concept of welfare state and the system of mixed economy, generally put against
the open market policy supposedly leading to the so called ideal of Laissez-faire.But our context in his article is different as it is related to the general matters of language and culture.
The process of globalization in India started with the declaration of the New Economic Policy
by the Indian government headed by Narsimha Rao as the Prime minister and Manmohan
Singh as the finance Minister in the year 1991. From the very time the process of
globalization was associated with marketization and liberalization. All these economic
elements lead to the consumer culture in our society which has many facets.

Raghuvansh Mani

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