Hindi Film Songs: Transcend Visa, Language and Culture

In current digital scenario information can be translated and transferred throughout the world with the blink of the eyes. The paper does not talk merely on the translation of the text but also of transcending consciousness through the availability of content globally. People of any nation are not stick to their country but are globally spread. And the translation of the feeling or sensibility links them to their nation sturdily. For getting the objective, the paper approched conscientious analysis of Hindi Film songs in terms of literal translation, global accessibility and popularity of lyrics and music, i.e. Mera Joota hai Japani; Jai HO! Hindi Film and its song is one of the strongest mediums to peep into the life of people and nation. It has a set structure of storyline with dialogue and songs. Song is the signature of Hindi cinema; it celebrates human emotions in different shades. There is variety of songs that ranges different aspects of human life i.e., luxury, anxiety, politics, education, festivals, party, fight, religion and many more. In other words, songs are one of the sources to reflect the cultural variety of the nation. The content of the song cannot escape from the cultural set up of a country. It reflects current social, political set up and trends of the time. Hindi song is one of the genres of Hindi film which indicate towards the changing norms in Indian culture as well.

Hindi Film Industry is very rich in terms of the representation of national sensibility as whole. It is globally celebrated. Song is one of the signature characteristics of Bollywood and it caters a resource for the celebration of human emotions too. There is lots of translation of regional film industry songs into Hindi songs as well as Hindi film songs into different Bhajan and local “Mahila Sngeet”. Hindi songs also give reason to feel proud and provides occasion to celebrate for NRI. There are number of the songs which have been enjoyed globally i.e. Awara Hun, I am Disco Dancer, Chal Chhainya chhainya chhainya chhainya! …

Dr. Abhishek Kumar Jaiswal , Assistant Professor, Department of English, G.S.H. PG College, Chandpur-Bijnor

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